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Hay guys.

Haven’t done much game developing lately. Broke up with my girlfriend recently because it wasn’t working out. It was probably for the best, but it happened at a very bad time. It’s the middle of Summer, I’ve got the house to myself, and no one to hang out with. Being single again sucks, and I haven’t been taking it very well. I need high self-esteem to function. D:

On the upside, I’ve done a lot of positive things to distract myself from all that.
I ran 10km for the first time, which is much further than my previous best. I didn’t think I could make it, but after a while the pain just stopped, and I kept running. I was pretty sore the next few days, but for a few hours after the run, I felt invincible. The best part was how badly I smelled. It was the smell of victory!

I also played through Luigi’s Mansion 2, and New Super Mario Bros 2. Pretty fun games, though nothing particularly new or amazing. Gonna try my first Harvest Moon game next.

My chili peppers are doing well. I’ve finally got Scorpion and Ghost peppers coming in. Haven’t tried them yet, but I know  that I will regret it when I do.

Another thing that’s been getting me down is that all of my fans really want another Epic Battle Fantasy RPG, and don’t show as much enthusiasm for any other projects I do. I know that bullet hell is kind of a niche genre, and I don’t expect Bullet Heaven 2 to be anywhere near as successful as EBF4, but that still makes it a lot less fun to work on. EBF4 was very lucky with the front-page features it got on Steam, and I’m not confident that BH2 will have the groundswell to do the same. The way things are looking now, BH2 is going to be my second biggest project (bigger than EBF3!), so it’s taking a bit of time, and is looking to be kind of risky.

But whatevs. Hopefully things will pick up a bit when I release the next demo, showing off multiplayer features, and all of the enemies. Maybe everything will be fine. Either way, it’s nice to work on a completely different type of game.

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Matt Roszak
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ChaosDemon2 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student General Artist
Just a couple of quick questions about the Zombie Hydra.

Does it have it's own  phylactery or multiples of them, or are they just....... y'know?

And did they used to be fire dragons if they only use Fire aside from Dark, Poison and non-elemental which is undead elements?
maldecidor Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Your games, for me, replace the old final fantasy, the shift of systems and fantastic games, but yours are very similar, they have a unique charm, I look forward to your next game
sasukefull Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2014
Hi Kupo, look, i made this……

I am fan of all your games, not just epic battle :D 
KupoGames Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Those are pretty awesome!
yasmyn64 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
tjhai Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
i really love your art style,  and your game is really awesome :)
ChaosDemon2 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
I know this sounds dark, but what's your opinion on Robin Williams?
tybo4god Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Your games are fonominal. Just amazing. Great artwork, references, and bosses.
KupoGames Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
tybo4god Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
sweggle5 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
OMG i can't wait for BulletHeaven 2 ^W^
I need play im >3< 
nice games kupo i love Ebf4
ChaosDemon2 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student General Artist
I know this sounds random, but did you know that sea turtles might rape you if their in mating season?

Squids ain't got nothin' on these playa's!
tybo4god Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Your games are spectacular
FlipelyFlip Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
thx for the fav (:
Elgarmes Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
I was reading a Cracked article on "8 Totally Free Games to Kick Your Boredom's Ass", and your game is on that list.  Which number?  Well, I'll just post the link and let you figure it out for yourself.  =D…
True-Water-Gaurdian Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I don't expect a reply, considering how busy you are, but I was hoping to pitch the idea that one of your Characters in Epic Battle fantasy gets brainwashed and the others have to fix the messes that their crazed former party member caused with the aid of a few temporary party members until they eventually slap some sense into him(or her). Basically it's a plot line similar to final fantasy two. But the main difference is in the end, none of the protagonists have actually died, but were trapped in a mirror world (Still like FF2, but they have a way to return)

The overall plot would go out like this, (Insert villain name here), manages to track down Godcat and force her two halves apart, effectively splitting the known world into a light and dark side. The heroes start off being ambushed by evil copies of themselves and getting swiftly defeated before they could do much. They later wake up, having been saved by their first temporary party member, A Dark knight by the name of Shade.

Shade explains that by the time he arrived they were the only three there and all their equipment was stolen. Shade supplies them with some spare weapons and they set out find the cause of their problems. After a little traveling, they encounter a town being terrorized by monster that appear to  be coming from some kind of mirror, the team hacks and slashes through hordes of dark monsters and destroy the mirror. All monsters the party will encounter are dark monsters of all kinds.

Shade sets out on his own to try to find out what that mirror was, leaving the party to explore. Some times later they encounter a monk that appears to be fighting thier missing comrade, upon closer examination, he is not completely there, as if he was possessed by his darker copy (Which could be the case.)

They fight him off and the Monk introduces himself as Ken (Yes I do see the irony in this name, they are optional though) and joins the party.

Eventually they encounter another Mirror and destroy that one too, though Ken winds up going through a shard, startling the party, who then continues to explore.

Eventually they get attacked by their brainwashed friend again, though this time he has a minion a young Machinist by the name of Cid. During the fight, Cid reveals that he's only fighting because they have his parents. After the party defeats them once more, Cid joins the party to rescue his parents.

They go to a factory where the mirrors are being produced. They sabotage the place and rescue Cid's parents, only to be ambushed by their darker copies. The fight ends in a draw in which the party must flee, due to a self destruct button being pressed by accident.

Cid and his parents falls through a mirror as the party runs for their lives. After they manage to escape, the party once again finds themselves down a man. they eventually travel to a port where they encounter another mirror, though this one was being taken care of by a female dragoon named Grizz (Pronounced Greece)

Grizz joins the party after receiving information about a secret base, they travel to the base where they meet the Villain and the Dark half of Godcat, who is furious about all that has transpired. Grizz get's blasted through a mirror just before Shade rejoins the 'final fight' and aids the party in rescuing their brainwashed friend, but he is unable to fight.

As the party fights through the fortress, their 'new' comrade reveals that the Mirrors are a gateway to another dimension parallel to theirs, where the light half of Godcat resides. With this information, the team plans of using a Mirror and to bring Light GC back and fix this mess, but before they could they get swarmed by monsters and have to flee, though Shade refused to run and decided to hold off the monsters as they escape. (Shade winds up going through a mirror during the fight.)

The party, now reunited prepares to storm the fortress. And through much conflict they fight the Villain, who was using Dark GC as a power source for a robot, the party wins, but finds themselves unable to soothe Dark GC's rage, leading to their defeat. (100 % copletion bonus)

Meanwhile, their temporary partners have banded together to rescue Light GC and fight their way through hordes of monsters (Light and dark varieties) until they too fight a robot powered by Light GC. They win and Light GC aids them in returning home to find the other's unconscious with an out of control Dark GC. Light GC revitalizes the heroes using her remaining power and they all take the fight to Dark GC once more, this time victorious. Dark GC and Light GC take to the stars once more after thanking the heroes for reuniting them and closes the gaps between worlds, this in-turn healed the planet.

With a whole new world to explore, there main heroes go back to plundering once more, while the others return home, yet wait anxiously for their friends to call if they are needed again.

Man this was long... If you can, please tell me what you think.
JokerLord14 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What do you think of this sketch:
Plz comment.
DiscordedStar Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Writer
His name is known by all Tyzuikans,
He is the cause of all the lives that were ended,
In the Invasion of Ranshin,
Millions were lost,
And thousands were weeping,
All because of Zalgo,
We shall never let him,
And we shall end him,
For Vendetta,
For honor,
And for our people,
We must end Zalgo,
This creature,
Has corrupted too many,
And only the death of Zalgo,
And his death in every creature he corrupted,
Shall end the corruption that was in the creature,
Free the corrupted,
End Zalgo,
And bring the ancient sun,
And the eternal moon,
The blinding heat of the deserts,
And the beautiful cold of the winter,
Let those burn him down,
To ashes.

- The Templar
A journal entry about Zalgo.
DiscordedStar Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Writer
D͍͈̤͖̘͉̬͙̭̦͈͙̞̬͕ͬͥͫͧ́̓̿ͪ̾ͧͬ̓͗́ͬ̀̀͢͢͞ͅū̴̷̸̡̡̱̩̱̦͕̘̟̺̥͓͓̘̤ͬ̈ͩ͑̐̃̚d̴̵̲͙̬̥͔͓̙ͫ̑́̈ͭͫ̀̄ͫ̆̇͌ͣ͛̑̑̓̍̎̕͝eͧ̾̓ͬ́͏̤͔̞̺̮̙̭̪͇͓̪̣͇̰͚̯́ ̸̡̡̥̪͖̲̘͓̤̝͈̜̎̅̀̑ͨͩͬ̉͒ͭͬ͗̎͗̈͜Į̩͉̺̼̹̼̳͕̬̟͒͊̾ͩ̉̀͡ͅͅ ̧͖̪͇̯̪͈̥̉̾͊͗̎ͤ́́̕͞ĵ̵ͩͨ͛̔ͭͤ̈̑̈́̈̄ͣ̒̌̔̽̚͘҉̥̙̬̯̟̪̪̺̯̮̬̯̮̙̟̙̤͖ų̸͇̙͙̖̫̿͆̓̓̈́̌ͯ͐ͦͭͮ͋͜s͇̞͈͓̯̲̬͕̼̙̗̻̣ͧ̑̓ͨͤ̌̚͡͡t͙͇̱̲͔͇͐ͨ̒͒͜ ̧̳͍̞̩̞͓̻̜̙̤͇̦̓ͪ͗̄͐̌͂ͭ̃͒̉̆̉ͯ̆͂̈́͘͞ḩ̶̽͛ͮ̅ͨͩ̐ͫ͛̊ͪ͐̇̓ͦ̀́͏̜̖̠̙̙̺͔̲̳ȁ̵̧̝̠̾̑̄̓̾̇ͣ̿ͣ͜͝ͅͅḑ̵̛̄̉͛ͮͫ̍̆ͨ͂ͮ́҉̟̠̟̪͍͓̹̙̟͎̟̦̥͕͍͔ ͪ̓̄̒̌҉̵͇̟̫͉̼̪́͢ͅa̸̸̢̪̦̺̭̜͕͎̦͚͔ͨ͑̾ͬ͂ͧ̉̽̐̈̃͋ͫ̃̃n̨̨̎͐̓ͦͩͦ͌ͣͥ̑̓͆ͫ͛͑͆҉̸̖̗̳̙̘͖̹̝̘̗ͅͅ ̱͔̯͔͓̫̣̻̟̗ͮ̅͑̽͆̄ͪͥͭ́͘Ï̧ͫ̅̒͛̎ͦ͋ͧ̃́̚҉̶̶̰͎̫̹̭͍͚̤̻̳͎̟̖d̗̹͇̤͎̭̱̬͙͎̝͈̮͍͍͍͉͉͕ͭ̿̍͌ͦ̄̋̌ͥ̾͛ͫ̾͑̚͝ę̵̢̛̛̤̹̳̭̔ͨ̎̋a̵ͣͬ̉̋̎͒̂̓͊̔̓҉̨͎̹̬̙͉̤̟͖̫̯̪͍ ̸̴̜̺̣̲̏̾ͯͭ̔͋̊͡ḟ̾̌̏ͨ̾̂̃ͬ͋͑ͭ̈̈́̅̿̎̋͊͏̭̰̙̤̀͜͡o̦̫͚̰͈̎̐͂̊̅͗ͪ͜͡r̷ͥ̏̏ͤ҉̸͚̙̰̠̫̮̪̞̭̲̀ ͊̾̇̌̋̿ͦͧ͛̏͏̵̢̫͇͕̺͓̠̩̯͟͞t̸͈̱̥̝ͪ̓̔ͦ̂͛ͣ̚͞͠ḧ̸͖͓͓̬̬͕̰̦̗̻̭͎̫͔̘̰́́ͣ̐ͦ̅̄̾̈̓ͬ͊̚̚̕͜͝ȩ̢̥̗͈̗̠̮͉̝ͬ̓̾̑ͣ͋ͪ̈͛̏̌ ̡̤̹͔̥̠̯̰̼̟̗̥͈̈ͮ͛̏́͌ͪ̐ͫ̄̄̀́̎̾́́̚͡͡ņ͈͉̘͉̭̘̪̂̃̌̀͂́̅ͭ͒̅̓ͭ͋͜e̷̖̪̙̻̞̠ͬ͂̏͆́̚͡͡ͅx̵̉̈͊҉́҉̗̭͕̮͍͇̟͈͈͕̖̹̜̬̳̹̬t̎͒̽ͭ̏̋͘͜͏̢̙͈͇̠̹͈̱͙̼͙̭͈̟̰͎̙͓̥ ̷̡̠̣̘̲͙͖͍̹̻͔̗̜̟͇̞̭̤͗ͮͯ̆̕ͅͅF̢͓͈̻̞͕͈̠̼̫͚̫̺̍́̍͛̔̆̐́̀͒̊͆̒͋̉̈̃́͡į͋ͭ̆ͬͤ̌̈̈͐̌̌ͯ̆͛͊̾͒͑҉͏̷̬̺̤͔̲̠̹͙̫͇̻͉̣̳̬̹ͅn̸̸̯̯͇̰̹̩̉̑̔̍̇̑͗͆ͨ̌ͨͭ͊̓͊ͯ̓̐̇́͝ͅͅa̸̖͇̣̘̮̬͕̲̜̮̞̻̻̽͋ͬ̔͋ͨ̆̒ͫ̔ͨ̎̆͘͠͝l̶̹̯͈̬̼̰̰͇̪͓̗̂͑͋̌̃̒̆͒͗̆͌̔̅̍́̓͗͛͞ͅͅ ͚̭̼̥͎̱͙͖͎̻̬̣̮ͬͥͭ̉̈́̈̂ͫͧ̀̉ͮ͂͋̈̿ͥ́̚b̸̛̙̰͖̭̠̫͚ͭ̑̔̓̅͌̈́ͤ̀̽̓ͅo̷̲̟͙͈̺̿ͫͪ͂̏̒͗̉ͬͪͨ͂̄ͧ̾̒̄͢͜ş̛̥͙̬̙̱̘̦̺̘̮ͯ̒̂̅̐̊ͬ̓̅̄̋͠ͅs̵ͯ̌̇͆̍̉̔͊͛ͬ͗̇ͤ͐͡҉̧̳̻̠̺̭͖̟̠ ̸̛̠̦̳̳̿̄́̅ͧ̍ͯͥͧ̾̆͑͊̓Z̷̢͉͉̭̱͈͓͍̹̔̓͋̈́́̇̏̎̈͡A̴̘̯̼̪ͧ̾̄̈́ͪ̽̓̈̈́̋̉̓ͭ̔͘͢L̵̩̹̥͓͔̥̩͈̜͎̺̦̪̹ͣ̃̄̉͜͡Gͧ͗͊̏͛̾̽ͭͫ̈́̎͗ͣ͜͜͏̷͍̱͚̬͎̖̹̜̲Ǫ̵͙̩̪͈̣̖̙̬ͪ̆͗̎͌̆ͯ͂ͭ͆̉̑̿̆́̀͟ͅ
DiscordedStar Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Writer
Translation: Dude I just had an Idea for the next final boss ZALGO he comes...
sweggle5 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Really,A Creepypasta As A Final Boss?

JokerLord14 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ever think about making expansions for ebf4 on steam? could be fun for players and you'd make more money as a bonus.
Fayry-Cosplay Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Thanks for the fav!^^
Jack-The-SnowGolem Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Im a SnowGolem :meow:

And I play your Games.
Phantasm12 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  New member
Hey matt how BH2 doing?
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